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Why choosing Raw Vegan London sweets/desserts?

There are plenty of reasons: it's the healthiest choice when it comes to eating something sweet, we only use natural ingredients, without preservatives and white refined sugar.
We don't add flour, eggs, milk, cream or other ingredients of animal origin and the most important detail: our raw-vegan sweets/desserts are not cooked or baked at all! All the ingredients will be consumed in their natural state - raw.
We all know that raw means life and, consequently, HEALTH.
Each time you will feel like eating something sweet, you will enjoy a healthy, full of nutrients and vitamins cake. Our sweets/desserts can be consumed both by children and adults, by people having allergies, intolerance or other diseases.
Our sweets are special because they are handmade with lots of care, produced at a very small-scale. Each cake is manufactured, so we have the chance to add a few drops of love.