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5 reasons why you should eat raw daily

As probably most of you know, through cooking the food loses most of its vitamins and properties. By choosing to eat raw, you get to enjoy whole foods, unprocessed and healthy.

Next you will find out five of the most important reasons why raw food should always find its way on your table.

  1. By consuming raw food your body will regenerate faster and the aging process slows down because the food is not cooked. Through cooking most of the healthy nutrients are destroyed, so by choosing a raw diet your body will receive all the good nutrients.
  2. Some diseases can be treated and prevented through a raw vegan lifestyle. This is a sensible subject though as everybody should ask for the opinion of a specialist in nutrition. Each body is unique and can react differently to the same stimulus.
  3. Raw food is rich in fibers that help the digestion. This goes even further and it can be said that this type of food can clear your bowls, unlike the food of animal origin that rots and develops bacteria which can seriously affect your health.
  4. With a raw vegan based diet you will lose weight. This happens because your body receives only healthy nutrients, without carbohydrates, processed sugar or any other harmful substances that can make your body react in a bad way.
  5. Raw means fresh. A raw vegan diet can never trick you unlike other products that can hide lots of viruses, such as milk for example. Of course, the fruits and vegetable should be thoroughly washed and cleaned before consuming them. Let me give you a tip about washing fruits and vegetables: use raw apple cider vinegar, the organic one, in order to remove any chemicals that can be on the surface. Just put the fruits and vegetables for half an hour before consuming in water with some apple cider vinegar.

We hope that these five advices will help you improve your life and make better, healthier choices for you and your family in order to enjoy life to the fullest.